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Sunday’s Soak in the Word

Psalms 118:24 – “This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Our weekend began a little harried. While we are SO grateful that DH ended his 12 day work week, it did take a little adjusting this morning. We get in our own little routine as moms and children, and well – dad’s aren’t used to that.

For the most part, as long as I have enough sleep, I can keep our mornings very upbeat and positive. Little problems are carefully and quickly steered in the right direction – pleasing Mommy and keeping little ones happy in correction.

Due to a night FULL of contractions, I didn’t sleep much, and was allowed to sleep into 9:30. Somehow, all three children did the same! (Why can’t they do that during the week??) DH was starving by this point – since he had been awake for ages…

It seemed like everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and we were getting a little on each others nerves to say the least. He would get frustrated right off the bat with the children, which would get me upset, an endless cycle. I guess I didn’t realize how into my own little morning routine I was until it was disrupted a little (after 12 LONG days). :)

Mid-morning, DH ran to the Post Office to mail some packages for me, and while he was gone I took the opportunity to ‘re-route’ our morning.

I made a game out of hurrying to get dressed and getting the children’s rooms clean. My oldest, 4, said something about it ‘just not being a good day’ – as seriously and grumpy as a 4 year old can say. (It was actually quite humorous!!)

STOP right there – Bible lesson in the making!!

“Oh, but it IS a good day, do you know why? Because TODAY is the day that the Lord has made! He has given us the gift of life, sunshine, rain, family, clothes, food, shelter – He has given us Jesus!”

My mind has been stuck on this thought all day. How many times do I dread a new day, or do I complain about this and that…. How many times have I forgotten that I am to be happy and rejoice in the day which the Lord has given me to love and serve Him?

Rejoice in the day today – God has created this day, He has created you – thank Him and live it for Him!